Cada árbol y cada planta del prado
parece estar danzando;
aquéllos con ojos comunes
sólo los verán fijos e inmóviles.

6 jul. 2014

~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Sunday July 6, 2014

Dear Ones, just to clarify, there is a difference between having an intention and having an attachment to an outcome. Having an intention is the first action step of creation. It is an entry point to the flow. It is using your authentic power to co-create with the universe.
Having an attachment to an outcome is quite restrictive. It says you will only feel happy or satisfied if things turn out a certain way. It is quite limiting, truly, because often the universe will deliver even better to you than what you can imagine. It also places your level of comfort and happiness on an external, which is giving your power away.
Intention allows lots of room for creation. Attachment is rigid and single-minded. Intention works with endless possibilities. Attachment only sees one way. Intention is working with the endless possibilities of the universe and leaves lots of room for improvement, where attachment is trying to create from a limited viewpoint. Intention enjoys the entire journey. Attachment is single-minded and only finds joy if things turn out precisely as imagined. Because attachment is very restrictive and constricted, it is rarely successful in creating your dreams.
We encourage you to dance with the universe with all your creations. Be flexible! Try things! Experiment! Co-create! Harness the awesome power of the universe! Allow things to turn out even better than expected! Enjoy the entire journey, every single step of the way and find joy in the process of co-creation by seeing it as a process that can get better and better in a myriad of ways. ~Archangel Gabriel


Daily Message ~ Saturday July 5, 2014

Dear Ones, you are all Source energy. You are the energy of growth, expansion and experience. The only limits in your life are the ones that you put upon yourselves. Do you believe if you are young you must be broke and struggle? That if you are older your health must deteriorate? That love is hard to find? Do you believe in no pain, no gain? Do you believe you are separate, not as good, or must somehow gain the favour of a judging universe?
We urge you to stop and take a look at any area of your life that you think could use improving. Ask yourselves, as you do, what your belief systems are around that topic. Release anything that does not support your empowerment and highest life expression, then create brand new belief systems to support all you wish to experience!
You get to do that. You might call them belief systems, or mission statements, or affirmations, or mantras, or dedications, or intentions. The sky is the limit as you start to consciously create your life expression. Soar! Reach for the stars! Consider your updated choices to be new destinations you are putting into your internal GPS. You are the creators and you have all the power you need, within you right now, to change the game completely and start living the life expression of your dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel


Daily Message ~ Friday July 4, 2014

Dear Ones, think of the most precious being in your life – the one that you love the very most, the one that you wish to protect and nurture and see thrive and bloom. Then make an agreement that for every single decision you make from this day forward, you will apply the same amount of love, care and nurturing to yourself as you would your beloved. To do so will lead to a healthy balance and a beautiful consistency in your life that honours the importance and wellness of all. ~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Thursday July 3, 2014

Being true to yourself is vital if you desire to walk a path of grace and ease, because by doing so you will attract to you the like-minded, like-energied souls who can see you for who you really are and celebrate you in your truth. Further, by emanating energetic clarity, you will draw to you the perfect circumstances to be of your highest service, using your unique gifts and talents, in a way that is appreciated and embraced by others. The second you start giving your power away by trying to please others is the second you have lost your energetic clarity, and mixed energies always result in mixed results. Be who you are, clearly and unabashedly, and allow the universe to respond to you in all your glory. ~Archangel Gabriel


Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 2, 2014

Dear Ones, love is glorious! To deny love is to deny Source. There is not one thing to be gained by choosing to hold back love, so let it flow! Love! Love yourself and love others! Love wholly, delightedly, unabashedly and unconditionally, and see your world transform. ~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 1, 2014

Frustration is an energy that occurs when you have perceive yourself to be powerless in a situation. It is an indicator that you have moved out of your highest alignment and become focused on what is “wrong”.
Dear Ones, if you have become frustrated, ask yourself the following questions. Where is my focus? Have I given my power away? Am I speaking my truth? Am I in victim consciousness or my authentic power? What can I do to shift into an alignment that can create desired change?
You are always in charge of you, and you always can create a better feeling energy for yourself. Always. Even if you cannot shift outward conditions at a given moment, you can always connect to the place of peace and authenticity that exists within you, which is always the first step to empowered change.
Frustration is merely an indicator that you are out of an alignment that can do anything about the current situation. It makes you feel uncomfortable to get your attention, as it exists as a reminder to shift into an alignment that can create the change you seek. ~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Monday June 30, 2014

Dear Ones, there is nothing wrong with having preferences. The people you prefer to spend your time with, your activities, your way of doing things, all are unique to you and suit you perfectly as outward expressions of your energetic state of being. Your unique preferences add immeasurably to the beautiful mosaic of your planet. Moving into unconditional love and unity consciousness does not mean giving up your unique traits, passions, interests or preferences. Far from it! It means you simply love yourself enough to embody your true self, while you love, honour and accept others for being their own expressions of self, celebrating every being as a perfect and divine expression of Source. ~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Sunday June 29, 2014

Dear Ones, in every moment of every day you have the ability to choose things that empower you, or do not. If you need to make a choice, ask yourself, how does this path make me feel? Does it lead to unity or to separation? Does it uplift me? Does it allow me to experience more of who I truly am? Does this decision empower me? Does it bring me joy? Is this choice based in love or fear? We always want for you the things that allow you to grow and expand, thrive and bloom, in whatever ways best match your own truth and your own unique path of experience, for every time you love yourself enough to choose your highest path, you create a shimmer of light that dances across the universe in the most delightful way. ~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Saturday June 28, 2014

If you have acted in a way you are regretting towards another, instead of berating yourself, you would be much better off to take it as a sign that you need be kind and gentle with yourself. Balanced human beings rarely act out in ways they regret. The fact that you were other than your normal, loving self is a sure sign that you have allowed yourself to become overwhelmed, fatigued, and out of your highest alignment. Berating yourself will only succeed in throwing you even further out of the space where you are your true, most loving and authentic self. Apologizing from the heart, realigning, and choosing to move forward in a way that most honours everyone, is a far better choice for all involved. ~Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message ~ Friday June 27, 2014

Acceptance is a powerful anti-stress tool. If you can get to the place where you see that everything is unfolding as is divinely perfect, both for you and for others, you will surely start moving into the state of peace your soul longs for. ~Archangel Gabriel

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